CQUniversity launches new Innovate RAP

14 July 2022

CQUniversity has recommitted to reconciliation by launching a new Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) that will provide a clear direction for the next phase of the University's reconciliation journey.

The new RAP was officially launched at a community function in Rockhampton on Friday' 8 July' with staff being introduced to the plan at a dedicated forum and panel on Thursday' 14 July 2022.

The Plan' formally endorsed by Reconciliation Australia' was developed by the University's Office of Indigenous Engagement following consultation with Indigenous and non-Indigenous staff and students' as well as with Elders and key stakeholders from community and industry.

CQUniversity's Vice-Chancellor and President' Professor Nick Klomp said that it was the responsibility of everyone within the university community to work together for reconciliation.

"In preparing this RAP we wanted to make it clear that everyone within our University community has a responsibility to address injustice and provide equality of opportunity: and to play a part in developing a tertiary education sector that truly embraces the knowledges' leadership and strengths of First Nations peoples.

"Our aim is to support First Nations people's empowerment by delivering access to world class education' training and research' and to do this we want to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representatives are increasingly part of CQUniversity governance' and that our teaching and research engages communities and stakeholders and leads to mutually beneficial outcomes.

"In engaging our staff and students in our institution's reconciliation journey we also want to build capacity across the University to implement RAP actions and make these actions part of our everyday operations'" said Professor Klomp.

Professor Adrian Miller' CQUniversity's Deputy Vice-President' Office of Indigenous Engagement and Director of the Jawun Research Centre said that the latest Innovate RAP 2022-24 was informed by engagement with stakeholders at all levels.

"In preparing the latest RAP' extensive engagement occurred with staff and students across CQUniversity and with external stakeholders.

"The new RAP is an important strategic document for CQUniversity and sets the priorities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander related education' research and staff training in the next two years'" said Professor Miller.

"The delivery of the RAP commits CQUniversity to wider engagement and provides a framework for developing meaningful and beneficial partnerships with Traditional Owners' Elders' leaders and peoples from across the University's many campuses.

"It also forms part of the University's broader social commitment to actively address inequality and offer a range of opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait peoples to lead' access' participate in' and benefit from' higher education and research.

"As well as providing a direction for the next two years of our reconciliation journey' this RAP will help to build capacity within the University and will give people the confidence to engage."

CQUniversity's Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2022 – 2024 can be accessed at cqu.edu.au/about-us/about-cquniversity/reconciliation-action-plan