CQU's Fitness training helps Kim boost her health and Pilates business

04 August 2022

Kim Zietsch and her mobile Pilates classes service are fighting fit in the Bundaberg region' thanks to her dedication and CQUniversity's Fitness training.

The 62-year-old' who is highly motivated in her community and day-to-day life to keep herself and others fit and healthy' is currently studying a Certificate IV in Fitness after successfully completing the Certificate III last year.

"I currently run a mobile operation providing Pilates classes from Bundaberg to Gin Gin. I started teaching Pilates locally and gradually broadened my area of coverage'" she said.

"I now volunteer at the local Neighbourhood Centre' and also run the Bundaberg Regional Council's Be Active program' as well as instructing a couple of sessions at a local studio amongst my regular classes."

She said CQU's Fitness training not only helped get her body back in shape' but also gave her business a boost.

After doing the Certificate III with CQU' which was driven by a need to alleviate hip and back pain' I realised that Pilates seemed like the right path to follow.

"I spent many years living aboard a yacht and sailing the world and my body missed the action.

"When I received an invitation to consider doing the Certificate IV' utilising the TAFE Priority Skills Funding scheme' I jumped at the chance to enhance my skills and learn.

"Something I love doing is learning and I could not have done the course without the support of the TPSF scheme."

She said the Certificate IV will allow her to pursue a higher level of accreditation in Pilates to specialise in helping people recover from injuries.

"My passion is seeing people improve and live a fuller life' free of the boundaries time can bring to us'" she said.

"The team at CQU fitness are professional' helpful' friendly' and always available for coaching when I get a bit stuck on an assessment.

"Their facilities are up to date and varied in both fixed and small portable equipment' the teachers are blessed with knowledge to guide anyone on a successful fitness career."

The TAFE Priority Skills Fund is an initiative of the Queensland Government. The TPSF subsidies make vocational education and training (VET) at CQU TAFE more affordable than ever.

For more information on CQU's Fitness courses visit https://www.cqu.edu.au/courses/fitness-sport-sciences-courses or call 13 27 86.