Postgraduate study helps Jayden master teaching career

04 August 2022

A passion for history and writing' coupled with CQUniversity's Master of Teaching (Secondary)' has set Townsville local Jayden Woodbridge up for a rewarding teaching career.

After completing an honors degree in Political Science and Media' Jayden was inspired to share his knowledge with the next generation' deciding on postgraduate study to reach this goal.

"The Master of Teaching (Secondary) was a great fit as it provided a clear pathway into the education industry and allowed Humanities as my major teaching area alongside English'" Jayden said.

"As someone who loves history' being able to teach it makes work quite fun. I have a passion for it that I pass on to my students.

"If you believe in what you are teaching' in your content' then it is much easier to get your students to buy in as well."

Given CQU's reputation for distance education and online learning' Jayden said the Master's program was a clear choice as he could balance work and study while working full-time.

"I could maintain my regular schedule without leaving work to attend lectures and tutorials in person - this allowed me flexibility in my study' work' and life.

"In addition' the course only took 18 months to complete' which meant I was able to finish and start working in the industry sooner'" he said.

"While it was overwhelming at the start' and I felt like a deer in the headlights during the first few days of my placement' I quickly realised that teaching takes time and repetition.

"It took me until the middle of my second placement to feel like I was getting a handle of the classroom' something I understood from the feedback and guidance of my fellow teachers.

"My supervisors on placement' from both the Schools and the University' were very supportive. I could keep in touch' even if they were not my lecturer that semester.

"They have also given me some helpful career advice. This has been a great asset as I move into the profession."

Only a few months into his studies' Jayden said he received interest from his practicum placement school for a future position.

"I was employed as part-time teacher at a local high school. I started teaching during the last semester of my studies' so I already had a job before graduating!" he said

"I love my job and have found it incredibly rewarding to see how you can actively improve a student's performance and have a visible impact on their learning.

"It is very satisfying when you can see those results firsthand."

Jayden said he hopes to expand his teaching and share his passions with as many students as possible in the future.

"I am looking to take my career with me' whether that is travelling through Australia or teaching overseas'" he said.

"Teaching is one of the global professions and I would like to see more of the world. Being able to travel and work opens a lot of options in the future that I am looking to explore."

To find out more about postgraduate courses' CQUniversity Townsville is holding its annual Open Day on Thursday 18 August' 4pm-6pm. Visit to register interest or explore event program activities.