Ruby excels in apprenticeship thanks to CQU's Learning Support Program

11 August 2022

Ruby Maguire is forging a pathway to a career as a Boilermaker' thanks to CQUniversity's Engineering Trade Training and Learning Support program.

The 18-year-old has recently commenced studying a Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade and undertaking Learning Support at CQU as part of her four-year Boilermaking apprenticeship at BHP Mitsubishi Alliance's (BMA) Hay Point mine.

Ruby' who identifies as having autism' ADHD and dyslexia' joined CQU's Learning Support program during her first block to get help with some aspects of her coursework during block training.

"(Learning Support) has helped me a great deal because I struggle with reading and comprehension'" she said.

"The teachers are really good. They've helped me with understanding the questions on the tests – I know the answers' I just have trouble with working out what the questions mean."

As part of her apprenticeship' Ruby also undertakes training at the CQU Mackay Ooralea campus.

"My training is going very well' to be honest. The teachers there are all amazing – 100 per cent'" she said.

"They understand I struggle' and they are very patient with me and explain things. They've made it an amazing experience."

Despite the challenges' Ruby said she was glad to be studying a trade.

"The idea of doing boilermaking was something new and interesting. My brother is a mechanic' and I knew I wanted to do a trade like his and I'm grateful that I'll be able to use the Learning Support program all through my apprenticeship."

Lead Vocational Teacher in Language' Literacy & Numeracy at CQU's School of Access Education Leonie Keating said Ruby is doing very well as she is very open to receiving the help that is available.

"I assist Ruby during the theory part of her block training' in consultation with the trainer. We work together' usually during assessment where I reread or rephrase questions' highlighting key words so that Ruby can best answer the question correctly. Sometimes I might assist with spelling or the use of the index if needed'" she said.

"Ruby is currently doing computations and students often request support with math. It's great to see a student achieve competency in a unit when learning support has been accessed. It's a real boost to her confidence."

All apprentices and trainees are eligible for learning support and teachers can assist students face to face in Mackay' Rockhampton' Gladstone and Emerald. Learning Support is also available online or via telephone for remote students. For more information contact