CQU showcases sustainable engineering during National Science Week

16 August 2022

As National Science Week activities kick off' CQUniversity will be exploring sustainable engineering solutions for a greener future at the International Science and Eco Fest's Illuminate FNQ event in Cairns this week.

The festival brings together students' families' First Nations Elders and citizen scientists to build knowledge around a sustainable future.

CQUniversity Engineering Lecturers Dr Hassan Baji and Dr Kianoush Emami will host an exciting hands-on science' technology' engineering and mathematics (STEM) activity for high school students which is designed to spark their interest in STEM.

Dr Baji said the students will build replica wind turbines that harness energy generated from wind to create electricity.

"As the students build replica wind turbines' they will learn about their many uses' such as farming and pumping water'" he explained.

"The students will also learn about and implement physics and math concepts within an engineering setting while exploring the exciting civil' mechanical and electrical engineering careers of the future."

National Science Week has become one of Australia's largest annual festivals which explores science and technology' provides an opportunity to meet scientists' discuss hot topics' and participate in science and celebrate its cultural and economic impact on society.

The Cairns International Science and Eco Festival is the first Science and Eco Festival in the country to be led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people during Science Week 2022. For more information or to book your ticket' please visit the Illuminate FNQ website.

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