Connecting STEM with music in Gladstone

06 September 2022

Over 70 primary school students from the Gladstone region experienced the connection between Science' Technology' Engineering and Maths (STEM) and music when CQUniversity's STEM Central hosted the second annual STEM meets Symphony workshop last week.

Presented in conjunction with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and supported by Australia Pacific LNG ConocoPhillips' the workshop included sessions on using design skills to make instruments' engaging maths to construct and read rhythms' learning about musical notations via robotics' using digital microscopes to understand how instruments work and exploring how music moves people with the use of drone technology.

Video clips of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra were also used to help students make connections between music' art and areas of STEM.

STEM Central Lead Dr Linda Pfeiffer said the workshop was hugely successful in creating connections between STEM and the Arts for primary school aged children in the Gladstone region.

"This is the second year this workshop has run and we have been really fortunate to work with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra on this project.

"The workshop attracted a surplus of interest and unfortunately we even had to turn away a number of students due to our limited capacity'" Dr Pfeiffer explained.

Culminating the successful collaboration in Gladstone' the Orchestra performed the 2022 Symphony Under the Stars on the weekend.


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