Undergraduate international students impressed with CQU experience

07 September 2022

CQUniversity's undergraduate international student cohort are happy with their study experiences.

That's according to the latest results from the 2021 International Student Experience Survey (SES)' which places CQUniversity in seventh position nationally for public universities.

CQUniversity placed 10th in Australia on international undergraduate students' overall educational experience - up seven positions from 17th in 2020.

The University sits almost five per cent higher than the national average for student satisfaction.

'This is a significant jump in our international student satisfaction and is a testament to the world-class teaching and student support that we provide'' CQUniversity International Director Shehan Thampapillai said.

'At CQUniversity' our students have always been at the heart of everything we do' and over the last few years that has meant making everything as seamless as possible for our students' despite major changes to the way we have lived and learnt'' he said.

The SES is a national survey collecting data on key aspects of the higher education student experience' focusing on aspects that are measurable and linked with learning and development outcomes.

The SES measures five aspects of the student experience including Skills Development' Learner Engagement' Teaching Quality' Student Support and Learning Resources.

Student Support improved significantly (8.7%) in the International SES results' increasing 19 ranks from 23rd in 2020 up to fourth overall in 2021.

Learner Engagement and Teaching Quality also improved year-on-year (up 11 ranks and four ranks respectively).

Mr Thampapillai said it was pleasing to see CQUniversity sit above the national average in every ranking category.

'On behalf of the CQUniversity' I'd like to warmly thank our international undergraduate students for completing the survey and providing us with their valuable feedback.'