CQU Gladstone goes green to showcase future of sustainable energy for CQ

15 September 2022

Driving sustainable energy through innovation will be the focus of a free community event at CQUniversity Gladstone Marina' as industry leaders share their insights into hydrogen' environmental protection' and job creation.

The Energy' Environment and Our Sustainable Future CQ Showcase on Saturday 8 October 2022 will explore the latest in science and technology driving renewable energy.

Held in the Leo Zussino Building from 1pm to 5pm' the event includes a keynote address from Peter Goggin' Manager of Hydrogen Development at Stanwell Corporation.

Organiser and CQUniversity Partner Up Queensland Regional Hub Coordinator Dr Cal Devney said the event was an important step for Gladstone as a leader in the emerging renewable energy sector.

"We have a lot of community curiosity about hydrogen' and there is a general feeling of positivity and excitement about the opportunities that the industry will bring' but also some trepidation'" she said.

"This event is an opportunity for the CQ community to engage with the experts' which will be of enormous benefit to our residents' local youth' entrepreneurs' local business and the industry proponents."

Professor Murray Shearer' CQUniversity's Chair of Hydrogen and Renewable Energies' will also share his work to establish a Hydrogen and Renewable Energies Centre of Excellence for Central Queensland.

"The Centre of Excellence is vital for how industry' research and community collaborate to drive the adoption of green hydrogen for export in Gladstone' and to develop the zero emissions technologies required by industry'" Prof Shearer said.

"With a dual focus on research and training' this Centre will complement existing infrastructure on the Gladstone Marina campus and allow us to increase our research and training outputs including foundation skills' electrolyser operation' instrumentation and process control and advanced manufacturing."

"Central Queensland is a region that has many elements that make it very attractive when it comes to creating a clean energy ecosystem' including the world-class Port of Gladstone' the proximity of large industry' and weather conditions that are suitable for generating clean energy such as wind and solar' but immediate investment and support for the facilities and resources to support future training requirements is critical."

The Showcase also features a pitch session from young people' and attendees will be able to ask questions of Mr Goggin' Professor Shearer' and other participants in an expert panel:

- Queensland's Assistant Minister for Hydrogen Development and the 50% Renewable Energy Target by 2030' Hon Lance McCallum MP'

- Manager of Construction for Fortescue Future Industries Garry Mewett' and'

- Christine Williams' the Chair of the Board of Life Sciences Queensland Limited and a member of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur's Innovation Advisory Council.

The event is sponsored by Inspiring Australia' CQUniversity and Gladstone Engineering Alliance.

Register to attend at: https://events.humanitix.com/energy-environment-and-our-sustainable-future-cq-showcase