Kleo finds family and friendship at CQU's Capricornia Residential College

21 September 2022

CQU Paramedic Science student Kleo Brilliant has made CQUniversity's student residence' Capricornia College in Rockhampton her home away from home.

Originally from Boyne Island' Kleo moved to Rockhampton to study Paramedic Science after being inspired by her neighbours.

"I am currently studying my second year of Paramedic Science. I have always wanted to be in the medical field' and my neighbours were paramedics and hearing their stories from the road' I knew it was a fast-paced job' that experiences it all'" she said.

"I have always wanted to be there to help people during their times of struggle' to be the friendly reassuring face who shows them that everything will be okay and we can help them to feel their best."

Kleo said the pressures of study and being away from home had been eased by the welcoming atmosphere of the Residential College.

"Sometimes it is a challenge to be away from your parents and siblings and the support networks you have built at home. But the college has provided so much in the way of support though' both the residents that reside here' along with the staff and university as well'" she said.

"I love the atmosphere and the people I have met through the college. It has been great meeting and learning about people and always having someone to chat to.

"Having events at college has helped me create so many memories with so many different people. Being close to the uni as well' it is easy to go to class' and being close to other fun things around Rockhampton is also really useful. It is also just an awesome environment to be in and experience everything that living away from home and university has to offer."

When she's not studying' Kleo is also working in the first aid environment as an AFL sports trainer and a lifeguard – as well as being a residential leader at the college.

"As a residential leader' I am one of the first faces that all new students meet as they walk into college. I make sure that all new residents' as well as short stay guests' are welcomed and are safe on college grounds'" she said.

"I also oversee fun activities on college that everyone can participate in and have a fun time' away from the stress of studying. I am also one of people that residents can speak to about anything that is bothering them and just be their supportive friend throughout their degree.

"I would highly recommend staying at Capricornia College. I have met some of my best friends here and feel like I am so involved not only with college' but within the uni as well.

"It is such a fun experience making many friends and meeting everyone talking to many students and getting to know their life stories. It's also filled with great support networks' everyone is super friendly' and is a great step into uni and life afterwards. You make so many memories and it will be the best time of your life."

Applications are still open for Term 1 2023 at Capricornia College. To apply' visit the accommodation portal .

For further information' please email the CQUniversity Student Residences team: studentresidences@cqu.edu.au