Humble hero honoured

24 October 2022

From humble beginnings to hero status' Sukhbir Seehra has come a long way since migrating to Australia to study some 15 years ago.

Born and raised in Punjab' India' Sukhbir – a CQUniversity Bachelor of Nursing alumnus - recently received an Australian Bravery Award (one of 26 recipients nationwide) for his actions during a bomb threat at a hospital that he was working at in Herston in 2019.

"My job at the time was to provide services and care to people in mental health crisis'" Sukhbir explained of the fateful day.

"It was a normal day at work for me. A gentleman had just been reviewed and was awaiting a further plan."

Sukhbir said that when the patient was provided with the outcomes of his review' he became unhappy.

"His behaviour escalated' and he started threatening to hurt others and said that he would 'blow the place up''" Sukhbir explained.

"Verbal de-escalation was attempted with nil success."

When Sukhbir' along with other colleagues noticed a red wire on the patient' QPS were called.

"Three security officers stationed around leapt in and grabbed the patient and I rushed in too and assisted in restraining him."

The diffusion of what could have become a catastrophe is what resulted in Sukhib's Bravery Award honour.

Sukhbir completed his nursing degree at CQUniversity's Rockhampton campus.

"In February 2007 I was blessed with an opportunity to come to Australia' the land of opportunities' to pursue my career in nursing'" he said.

"Being an international student' we all struggle in many ways – particularly academically - and CQUniversity provided me massive support to get through.

"I feel very proud for my act and being recognised in this country. If the same situation was to happen again' I would do the same thing."

At the time of incident which gained him the Bravery Award' Sukhbir was working as a Clinical Nurse at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital.

He is now a Team Leader at Caboolture Hospital for Acute Care Team for Mental Health.

"I've always had a passion for Mental Health and a compassion towards helping anyone at their lowest."