Safety Circus is back in regional Queensland

31 October 2022

CQUniversity's Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music (CQCM) students have once again hit the road to deliver their annual performances of Safety Circus' an interactive musical that addresses important safety messages for young children.

Dressed as clowns' acrobats and magicians' the Bachelor of Theatre students will perform at more than 60 schools across the Mackay' Isaac and Whitsunday regions throughout November.

Now in its tenth year' Safety Circus is an ongoing collaboration between CQCM' the Mackay Crime Prevention Unit of the Queensland Police Service (QPS)' and more recently the Daniel Morcombe Foundation (DMF).

CQCM Music Director' Professor Judith Brown AM said that while the performance originally aimed to teach young children the importance of road safety and protective behaviours' the program has expanded to encompass DMF's messaging of Recognise' React' Report.

"Safety Circus was originally launched after concerns were raised in the community on how to get safety messages out to children.

"You think of instances' like Daniel Morcombe' where knowledge on how to trust their instincts and who to talk to could really benefit children in unsafe situations.

"This made the Daniel Morcombe Foundation an ideal partner."

To assist in sharing these important personal safety messages with a wider audience' CQCM has two teams of students on tour this year. As a result' more than 4'000 young children in Grades 2 and 3 will have the opportunity to view the educational musical.

"We have two CQCM alumni directors' Waylon Kennedy and Kiara Davis' on board this year'" Prof Brown said.

"Both directors are past students who have been previous performers in the Safety Circus as well as Choices.

"Not only is this a great professional opportunity for them' but it is also a project they are extremely passionate about."

Sergeant Nigel Dalton' from the Mackay Crime Prevention Unit' who has been involved with Safety Circus since its inception' said it was great to see the program growing with so many members of the community eager to support it.

"I am very blessed and proud to have worked on this amazing production for many years now'" Sgt Dalton said.

"Thank you to all the local organisations who supplied the performer's shirts and the flags that are handed out to each child who attends the show - Fierce Creative' Mackay Regional Council' Stanmore Coal' the Daniel Morcombe Foundation' Friends of the Conservatorium and Volunteers on Policing."