CQUniversity awarded for continued focus on the customer experience

15 November 2022

CQUniversity has been announced the winner of the 'Adoption for Growth' award in the SugarCRM Asia-Pacific and Americas Customer Breakthrough Awards.

The award celebrates CQUniversity's outstanding use and continuous improvement of the SugarCRM customer relationship platform' with best-practice service management.

CQUniversity Director of Academic Systems and Transformation' Shaune Sinclair' said the award is a testament to all the hard work delivered as part of a University-wide transformational program' which ended in 2021 but was the initial driver for implementing service improvement initiatives and CRM adoption.

'The core objective of our Student eCQUip program was to deliver a sector-leading' personalised student support experience' enabling students to access services proactively and intuitively with ease' throughout their learning journey'' Mr Sinclair said.

Continuously improving and expanding the use of our SugarCRM platform was an essential part in achieving this objective.

One of the innovative ways that impressed the judges in CQUniversity's expanded use and adoption of SugarCRM' was through being able to provide students with personalised' real-time visibility over their service support requests through the development of an integration between SugarCRM and MyCQU (student portal)' Mr Sinclair explained.

'Our contacts at SugarCRM tell us that this is a world-first innovation.

'We also developed an integration between SugarCRM and the CQU Success initiative' and through this we have also been able to provide academic staff with visibility of a student's recent CRM support history'' Mr Sinclair said.

These two advancements represent only the tip of the iceberg in how the University have grown the consistent and innovative use of the SugarCRM platform.

Mr Sinclair said the achievement of this award was a collaborative effort between Digital and Student's directorates and the commendable effort has been tremendous.

Mr Sinclair went on to emphasise that the work in this space is not yet done.

'While we have won this award and made some great progress through our internal programs' it is imperative that we continue to invest in this area through continued implementation of our existing and upcoming initiatives' and the ongoing refinement of our student support processes.

"Ongoing investment will allow CQUniversity to continue to be at the forefront of providing an excellent customer experience.'