Townsville ADF members MAPP their futures with uni boot camp

22 November 2022

CQUniversity is committed to supporting the local Australian Defence Force (ADF) community with the Townsville campus launching the Military Academic Pathway Program (MAPP) - the first of its kind for the region.

MAPP is open to currently serving ADF members' those transitioning to civilian life' and those who have already left the military.

The four-week intensive course aims to provide students with the confidence' knowledge and academic skills to begin a university degree.

CQUniversity Associate Vice-President (North Queensland Region) and Chair in Automation and Future Work Skills Professor Pierre Viljoen said CQU was proud to support Townsville's ADF community in the transition from their ADF service to academic studies.

"What makes MAPP unique is that we recognise the skills and experiences gained throughout students' military service' and how these skills can be transferred to tertiary education."

"This program has received widespread recognition and support among the ADF community and its leaders in the local Transition Cells and referral organisations like The Oasis Townsville."

Since partnering with The Oasis Townsville in 2021' Professor Viljoen said CQU has been an ongoing provider of education' training' and research capability for current and future ADF members in the region.

He said that introduction of MAPP would help provide that next step for ADF members in their adjustment to university life - both academically and personally.

"Students develop essential academic skills and knowledge' as well as learn positive study habits'" Prof Viljoen explained.

"The program also provides opportunities to establish social networks at CQUniversity."

ADF veteran and CQU MAPP support team member Larry Webster said that the new students were introduced to a range of services and resources available on the Townsville campus to support their learning journey.

"Students are given a taste of university life' and the opportunity to link in with other students with a military background'" Mr Webster said.

The inaugural MAPP was facilitated by Associate Dean of the School of Access Education Karen Seary with lecturers Dr Jen McDougall and Breanna Knight responsible for curriculum development and delivery of the program.

"While the program's focus is academic writing' students also build their research skills' critical thinking' digital literacy' and oral communication skills'" Mrs Seary said.

"We wanted this to be a holistic program' so topics like career planning' time management' and self-care are also an important part of the curriculum."

Mrs Seary said that six serving ADF members have completed the pilot MAPP program.

"Upon successful completion of the program' students receive a micro-credential and may apply to continue their studies for a CQUniversity undergraduate degree'" Mrs Seary said.

"We have participants interested in enrolling in health' education' digital media' IT' disaster management' science' engineering and business degrees in the future."

Professor Viljoen' Mrs Seary and Mr Webster all said they were excited to see the program grow with a future MAPP intensive under consideration for 2023.