CQUniversity partnership with Council is 'Bringing Nature Back' to Frenchmans Creek

02 December 2022
Water and Environmental Sustainability Councillor Donna Kirkland said Council's NRM program was developed in 2019 and was aimed at delivering targeted on-ground works to help better manage the condition of our Region's key natural assets and green corridors.
"As part of the NRM program' we've partnered with CQUniversity to give enrolled TAFE students the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience as part of their studies and help us with 'Bringing Nature Back'.
"Over the past 18 months' CQUniversity Educator Kay Pearson has led her TAFE students in studying the local flora and fauna' controlling exotic weeds and supporting bush regeneration at their project site along Frenchville Road."
Deputy Mayor and Divisional Councillor Neil Fisher said he was very impressed with what has been achieved so far due to great collaboration between Council and CQUniversity.
"As one of many partners in our NRM program' we are very lucky to have CQUniversity on board and I'd like to thank all of the teaching staff and TAFE students working towards 'Bringing Nature Back' to Frenchmans Creek'" Cr Fisher said.
"The end result for Frenchmans Creek will see increased canopy cover' biodiversity' environmental amenity and shade.
CQUniversity Deputy Dean Vocational Education and Training Tamara Murray said CQUniversity was extremely fortunate to be able to partner with Council to manage a parcel of bushland at the base of Mt Archer.
"The program gives students the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the local area and practicals skills in order to obtain their Certificate III in either AHC30716 Horticulture or AHC31421 Conservation and Ecosystem Management.
"The Frenchmans Creek site is important for the students' studies as it includes two ecosystems – bushland and waterways.
"The work conducted so far has allowed the return of beneficial insects' marsupials and regrowth of provenance plants.
"Many students have chosen to continue volunteering at the site even after completing their required study units due to sheer enjoyment of seeing improvements on the site."
Conservation student' Karla Blake' has thrived with the project and having the opportunity to implement her skills in the field has embedded what she's learnt and opened her eyes to new career prospects.
"Being able to get experience on the field such as soil testing' regenerating the land' is providing me with the skillset to what I'm working towards with conservation and ecosystem management'" Karla said.
"Conservation is so important for future generations' and our culture' to maintain our native flora and fauna."
Council and CQUniversity will continue working on the Frenchmans Creek project in 2023.
Further information on the NRM program is available on Council's website.