MyCQU student platform project earns international recognition from Gartner

13 December 2022

CQUniversity's student-focused platform MYCQU has beaten out some of the world's most prestigious institutions' winning the Student Experience and Teaching category of the Gartner Eye on Innovation Awards.

Gartner is an internationally acclaimed technological research and consulting organisation and entry to the awards was open to any higher education and K-12 institutions worldwide' that had implemented an innovative initiative over the last year.

MyCQU placed first in the category' surpassing similar platforms created by prestigious insititutions including The Wharton School' University of Pennsylvania - USA and Imperial College School of Medicine in the UK.

MyCQU previously won the SiteCore Experience Awards (SEA)' in the Best Digital Experience Transformation category' but this is the first time it has been recognised by Gartner.

CQUniversity's Deputy Vice-President of Digital Services' Roy Pidgeon said the recognition was a significant milestone for CQUniversity.

"Being a winner of an Eye on Innovation Awards for Education is recognition by industry peers for excellence in innovation in the education sector'" he said.

"And in our case' innovation to enhance our student experience by using a unique combination of technologies that integrate to provide a seamless and personalised front-end platform for the student."

He said the MyCQU student portal initiative utilised a human-centred design approach that collaborated with the students at all stages of the project to understand and listen to their needs and requirements.

MyCQU is a mobile-first design that has transformed and personalised the student's digital journey experience.

The design was then delivered via Sitecore Experience and Content Hub platforms together' which was not only new for CQUniversity' but was a first in Australia.

"From the information gathered from our students we were able to establish six design principles that formed the basis of the MyCQU design and configuration' by keeping it simple' tailored' supporting' connecting' guided and timely'" he said.

"CQUniversity is constantly striving to enhance the student experience and support successful student outcomes using innovative technology solutions.

"Our approach ensures students feel supported by both our technology and our educators wherever they choose to study; online or on campus and at any time."