Back to school calls for organisation tips and tricks

25 January 2023

Not only does CQUniversity alumnus Leanne Baker run her own online organisation business' but the passionate entrepreneur balances being a busy mum alongside her career as a high school math teacher.

Having experienced the school year as a student' parent and educator means Leanne is well-placed to share her organisational tips and tricks that can make the school year a little more manageable.

After completing her Bachelor of Learning Management (Secondary and Vocational Education and Training) in 2009' Leanne said she reflected on her own learnings and became passionate about sharing her helpful organisational advice with others.

"I know firsthand how important it is to be organised! I incorporate these strategies in my own life and share them through my business' Leanne Baker Daily.

"At the beginning of the year' I always start by setting and clarifying my goals. These should be specific' measurable' and achievable goals that provide a clear idea of what needs to be accomplished' and help to stay focused and motivated'" Leanne explained.

"After setting these goals' it is important to create a plan of action that outlines the steps to achieve them. Break down large goals into smaller' manageable tasks that can be worked on each week."

While most parents and guardians want to believe they can juggle everything at once' Leanne believes it is crucial to take a step back and prioritise the most urgent tasks first.

"Make a list of all the tasks that need to be completed and prioritise them by importance. Tackling the most timely tasks first ensures busy families can stay on top of important deadlines'" Leanne said.

"One way to keep on top of these deadlines is through a planner.

"A planner can keep track of deadlines' appointments' and important events. This will help to stay on top of the schedule and ensure important dates aren't missed."

Lastly' she suggested to regularly review and reflect on this progress throughout the year.

"It is important to take note of any accomplishments and areas for improvement. This will help to make any necessary adjustments to plans and goals."