CQUniversity graduates ranked Queensland's most employable

14 February 2023

CQUniversity graduates have the best full-time employment outcomes of any Queensland university' according to a national survey published this week.

The 2022 Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS) report' which outlines employment rates and starting salaries for tertiary graduates nationally' reveals domestic undergraduates from CQUniversity have the state's highest full-time employment levels of 86.9 per cent.

This outstanding result was complemented by a median domestic undergraduate starting salary of $73'100 – up from $70'000 in 2021 and more than $5'000 above the national average.

Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Nick Klomp said these results further cemented CQUniversity's status as a leader in graduate employment outcomes.

"It is well-known that our graduates have some of the best employment prospects in the country and today's report continues to confirm that'" Professor Klomp said.

"Our graduates' full-time employment rate has increased by more than three per cent for both undergraduates and postgraduates in 2022 and CQUniversity has remained well above the national average for full-time employment outcomes.

"Median salary remained above the national average for both undergraduates and postgraduates and CQUniversity has the third-highest median graduate salary in Australia.

"Overall satisfaction was also above the national average for undergraduates'" Professor Klomp said.

CQUniversity's international undergraduate full-time employment rate more than doubled compared to 2021' indicating a recovery in employment opportunities for international graduates.

International undergraduate median salaries remained above the national average and overall satisfaction increased substantially for international undergraduates compared to 2021.

"International postgraduates at CQUniversity have continued to report a high level of overall satisfaction with their courses' with satisfaction rates higher than the national average for both cohorts in 2022."

Professor Klomp said CQUniversity took pride in its excellent reputation for quality graduate outcomes' with the University placing a strong focus on ensuring graduates were work-ready and equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen career.

"CQUniversity delivers courses that are informed by community and industry needs and our graduates are in high demand because of this.

"In fact' we are so confident about our graduate outcomes that we have recently introduced an Australian-first Graduate Guarantee' which provides free-of-charge access to an additional qualification for any student who fails to secure degree-relevant employment within six months of finishing their undergraduate degree.

"CQUniversity is proud to be supporting our regions by delivering highly skilled graduates to fill critical skills shortages in schools' in our hospitals' in our mines and in our local firms and enterprises."