Career change a must for people-person Toluwa

23 February 2023

Self-proclaimed people-person Toluwa 'Tolu' Ajeigbe knew that accounting wasn't the career for her - so when the opportunity to study a masters presented itself' HR was her obvious choice.

"I got my first degree in accounting in Nigeria' but I always knew I was a people-person not a figure-person'" Tolu said.

"I've always loved interacting with people and that was where the passion for HR came through."

Tolu completed a Master of Human Resource Management with CQUniversity and said she thoroughly enjoyed the degree.

"One of the most interesting things about studying my Master of Human Resource Management is the fact that I got to learn a lot about the work environment here in Australia'" Tolu explained.

"Also' unlike other universities where you have to look for employers yourself – if you want to do an internship with CQU – they get you the job. You only have to pass your units and then you qualify. It's automatic – you get a placement."

The mum-of-four' now a proud Australian citizen' completed her degree on-campus in Brisbane and said the study experience was second-to-none.

"One advantage about the campus is when we were in lectures' it was never crowded. I got to focus because there were no distractions. The environment at CQU is conducive for learning and the teaching staff are also knowledgeable and so supportive'" Tolu said.

"I came to Australia just to get my masters' but now there is so much more I can do."

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