Learning and Teaching focus on embedding First Nations curriculum

15 August 2023
Dr Gary Fry.jpg
CQU Manager and Academic lead - First Nations Studies Dr Gary Fry

CQUniversity has further strengthened its support of First Nations education, training, and research by recently establishing a dedicated Learning and Teaching First Nations Studies team, focused on embedding of First Nations curriculum across all CQU courses.

The new First Nations Studies team is part of CQU’s Office of Indigenous Engagement (OIE), which is comprised of professional and research staff members who provide leadership, support and guidance in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander matters.

Led by Manager and Academic lead - First Nations Studies, Dr Gary Fry, the team will contribute to the OIE’s key goal to build a national society in which First Nations peoples’ voices are heard and heeded; their knowledges and cultures recognised and celebrated.

“The focus of our team is to develop and deliver quality staff support and training workshops and short courses, that value and celebrate Australia’s First Peoples and cultures, lore, languages and identities, and enduring connection to Country.

“Our goal is to instil First Nations perspectives within the learning and teaching environment both in program and practice, which create an inclusive education for everyone.”

Dr Fry explained that this will be achieved through the delivery of ongoing workshops focused on the embedding of First Nations curriculum across CQU courses and its delivery within a First Nations Cultural Competency Framework.

“These workshops will assist staff to explore driving strategies, plans and frameworks,” he said.

“Attendees will identify key strengths and limitations of guiding documents, how to locate these guiding documents within the layers of institution, school, college and individual and teams, alongside the contexts of history, race, colonisation and neo-colonialism.”