Queensland-wide steps challenge aims to beat one billion

31 July 2023
A close-to-ground image of people walking across a zebra crossing.
CQUniversity’s 10,000 Steps Program is challenging Queenslanders to step up for Queensland Walks Month in August

Queenslanders have been invited to make every move count this August as CQUniversity’s 10,000 Steps Program and Queensland Walks bring the state together for a fun new physical activity challenge. 

Made possible with ActiveKIT Round 2 funding, the Queensland Walk Explore Steps Challenge is a fun and motivating way to make physical activity and walking a part of your everyday. 

A key activity within Queensland Walks Month, the Queensland Walk Explore Steps Challenge starts on Tuesday 1 August 2023.

Bringing the state together in this state-wide challenge, we can’t wait to see how many steps our members take when being active and walking, rolling and strolling while exploring Queensland. All steps and physical activity logged by all Queenslanders using the 10,000 Steps website or app will automatically contribute to the state’s overall progress. 

Every move counts during Queensland Walks Month, and CQUniversity’s 10,000 Steps Program team know these Challenges are a great way to support communities to celebrate and activate physical activity infrastructure, recreation, transport and other local activities! It's free, fun and available to everyone.

People of all abilities can participate. Whether they walk, run, roll, stroll, swim, cycle or dance - however they choose to be physically active, all activities count and every move matters! The Challenge will end on Thursday 31 August.

The last time 10,000 Steps hosted a state-wide steps challenge in Queensland was in 2020. Participants logged one billion steps in 32 days. Now the question is, can Queenslanders step up to beat this total in August?

The 10,000 Steps program aims to encourage people to move more throughout the day by tracking their steps and making active choices. CQUniversity’s Professor Corneel Vandelanotte, said, "people gain the most health benefits if they change their activity levels from nothing to something, it’s OK if you don’t get 10,000 steps a day, if you aim to do more than before, it’s already a big win.”

“The Queensland Walk Explore Steps Challenge is a great opportunity for people to boost their physical activity levels. The flexible nature of the 10,000 Steps program means members can choose when and how they can fit physical activity into their day. 

Every move counts during the month and these larger step Challenges are a great way to provide confidence, inspiration and support for people to connect with their community, pathways, parks and other local activities.”

Incorporating the Steps Challenge within the celebration of Queensland Walks Month will further amplify the success of these messages and connect walkers all across Queensland. “Walk and Explore - it doesn’t matter if you walk around the block, to the mailbox or to the shop or bus, or if you’re hiking Mount Barney or the Welford National Park, we’d love to hear about it!” says Anna Campbell, Queensland Walks Executive Officer.

The Queensland Walk Explore Steps Challenge is an initiative of CQUniversity’s 10,000 Steps Program, in partnership with Queensland Walks and Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA). The Challenge is proudly supported by the Queensland Government and Health and Wellbeing Queensland through Active Kit Round 2.

To find out more information about the Queensland Walk Explore Steps Challenge:

To get involved in the challenge as an individual:

  • Create your 10,000 Steps account on the website 10000steps.org.au or mobile app
  • Log or sync your steps on the 10,000 Steps website,  iphone app or android app  
  • The challenge leaderboard is live from 1st August 2023

To get involved in the challenge as an Organisation or Community Group