Using eReading Lists

eReading Lists integrate with Moodle and BeDifferent to provide a single, consistent, and easy point of access for students to engage with unit readings and resources.

A wide range of resources can be added to a reading list, including:

  • electronic resources from the Library collection, including ebooks, journal articles, and videos.
  • freely available material on the web, including websites, online documents/reports, and videos.
  • digitised readings created from print resources.

For more information about using eReading Lists, see the eReading Lists for teaching staff guide.

Benefits of using an eReading List

There are several benefits of using an eReading list for your unit.

Items from the Library collection are automatically compliant. External resources (websites, videos) are checked by the Library for copyright compliance.

Analytics for lists and individual resources are available. This will allow you to see how students are engaging with resources and assist with future planning.

It is easy to add items from the Library collection and from the web. Scans of print materials (digitisations)  can also be requested and accessed via an eReading list.

Lists can be structured to suit a unit’s needs. For example, you may like to organise your list by week, resource type or topic. You can also ‘tag’ a reading to indicate its importance to students.

Links to resources in the Library collection are stable – any changes are made at the Library end and will usually not be noticed by students. Broken links can be reported from the reading list which sends an alert to the Library.