iChange®* is an orientation program to activate changemaking at CQUniversity! This fast-paced, fun and informative program will inspire you with stories of transformative social change, and equip you with tools, networks and creative ideas to drive innovation in your community and your career.

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Available to all CQUni students and staff since Term 2 2018, iChange® is presented by students, and links you to people making a difference at CQUni, and across Australia. Spend just two hours and learn the history and future of social innovation, as well as exploring megatrends, co-design theory, and social innovation ecosystems.

iChange® can launch your changemaker experience and boost your resume, practical knowledge and leadership skills, with pathways to The Big Idea social enterprise competition, Social Innovation Studios, Global Exchanges and becoming a CQUni Change Champion. Change your world and kickstart your career with CQUni’s iChange®.

*Registered trademark of Central Queensland University.

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iChange® is CQUniversity’s online introductory course to social innovation practices, principles and philosophies. The course consists of six social innovation themed units and quizzes. It should take roughly two hours to complete, but may take longer if you chose to take on the challenges presented – completely up to you!

Social Innovation is embedded in CQUniversity’s values and DNA. As a regional university, with a national footprint, we are committed to working with our communities to improve their socioeconomic health and wellbeing, education, and environmental ecosystems. Our ongoing commitment is cemented with CQUniversity becoming Australia’s first Ashoka U Changemaker Campus. Not only does this enhance our localised engagement, but it also connects the University to over forty universities and colleges across the world that are committed to applying social innovation practice and principles through their curriculum and community engagement. Learn more about social innovation from the University’s Office of Social Innovation.

iChange® is designed for all CQUniversity students and staff who wish to gain a basic understanding of social innovation.

You don’t need to register, you can access iChange® any time with your CQUni username and password. For new/enrolling students we recommend you access iChange® after changing your initial password following your first log-in to the University’s student portal as part of the Orientation process. Access points to iChange® can be found in Offer documentation, MyCQU, Office of Social Innovation, and the iChange® landing page.

It is recommended that students use Google Chrome when logging in to iChange®.

It is recommended that students use Google Chrome when logging in to iChange®.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties when logging into iChange® please contact the Technology and Services Assistance Centre (TASAC) on 1300 666 620 or email (please also copy-in describing the issue. Please provide your name, Student ID and as much detail as possible when describing the issue. Where possible, students are encouraged to attach a screenshot of any error messages received.

iChange® will take approximately two hours to complete. It may take longer should you chose to undertake some of the optional challenges presented. You need to watch all the videos and complete all the quizzes before you can complete and receive your iChange® certificate. Just make sure you press the "Mark as completed" button at the bottom of each page to track your progress!

Because you will learn more about yourself and the world around you. You will enhance your career and entrepreneurial prospects by learning new tools and approaches, understanding that your behaviours and decision-making can influence more than economic outcomes, and with this, you can differentiate yourself within the competitive job market/industry sector. iChange® is the start of your journey towards achieving the graduate attribute of a Social Innovation Mindset. Oh, you get a digital certificate too!

Not at this time. iChange® is designed as a non-credit award offering by the University. We want it to be engaging, interactive and fun to complete but not too arduous and filled with assignments. You will receive an iChange® certificate on completion and it will sit against your study record. We hope to award a digital badge in the near future, which will also be awarded to those who have already received their certificate.

Yes. This may not happen immediately, but as we develop the capability of the product on the technical side, this will be introduced in the coming months.

Complete iChange® and/or visit the Office of Social Innovation for activity information, news, upcoming events, or advice. Contact the Change Champ on your campus to get connected to a local student social innovation network, or if you're at CQUni Melbourne, email to get involved in the Social Innovation Club.