Compassionate and Compelling Circumstances

Circumstances that are generally beyond the student’s control which a reasonable person would consider is not due to the student’s action or inaction, either direct or indirect, and for which the student is not responsible. The situation must be unusual, uncommon or abnormal, and which have a significant impact upon a student’s course progress or wellbeing.

Compassionate and compelling circumstances include:

  • serious illness or injury, where a medical certificate states that the student is unable to attend classes
  • bereavement of close family members such as parents or grandparents (where possible a death certificate should be provided)
  • major political upheaval or natural disaster in the home country requiring emergency travel and this has impacted on the student’s studies (evidence may be required)
  • a traumatic experience which could include:
    • involvement in, or witnessing a serious accident, or
    • witnessing or being the victim of a serious crime and this has impacted on the student (these cases should be supported by police or psychologists’ reports)
  • where the University was unable to offer a pre-requisite unit or course, or
  • inability to begin studying on the course commencement date due to delay in receiving a student visa

Other circumstances may be considered upon presentation of documentary evidence to support the claim.