Credit points

This term refers to the minimum value of a unit. It is used to:

  • provide students with a guide to the amount of work a  unit may involve
  • indicate a student's enrolment load
  • define the requirements for an award in the course structure
  • quantify the recognition of any credit for prior learning
  • assist in  calculating a student's  grade point average (GPA), and
  • indicate the student’s progress  towards completion of an award.

One credit point equates to an expectation of approximately two hours of student work per week in a term and is the minimum credit value completion requirement for eligibility to graduate. For example, six credit points has an expectation of approximately 12 hours of student work per week. This work may be made up of but not limited to lectures, tutorials, laboratory work, assignment work, and self-study.

(Credit points was formerly known as ‘units of credit’.)