Program completion

The successful completion of all the academic requirements of a program which includes any required attendance, assignments, examinations, assessments, dissertations, practical experience and work experience in industry. The conferring of the award for a program is not synonymous with and should not be substituted for program completion" as some students may have completed all the academic requirements of the course but not have received the award.

Program completion occurs in those cases where a student is conceded an award after ceasing studies which would have led to a single award for a combined program (eg. BA/BBus). In such cases the program completion is for the program for which the completed units of study are counted as meeting its requirements. However, if a student is granted an award after partial completion of a combined program which normally leads to a single award, and then resumes studies of the combined program in the next year the program completion does not occur.

Where a combined program automatically leads to two separate awards, a program completion only occurs when the requirements of both awards have been satisfied. The completion, therefore, would be for the combined program only (and not two separate completions for two awards)