Data Services

Research Data Tools and Infrastructure

This section of CQUniversity's eResearch website highlights information on current "data tools" and research data Infrastructure that is available for CQUniversity's Staff.

This section does not contain any information of "Data Management".  Due to the importance of managing research data, an entire section is devoted to Data Management.

Do you need special research data storage requirements?

Do you need:

  • access to large research storage facilities?
  • the ability to access your data from various locations, including off site and from home easily?
  • access to facilities that allows the sharing of data with collaborators?
  • access tools that provides automated data storage for sensor or scientific instruments?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then please contact eResearch Support.

Did you know?

Topic:Using some international storage facilities, such as Drop box, costs the University "International Off Net" data traffic charges when accessed within the University.
Solution:It might be possible to use alternative national solutions in which there are no associated internet traffic charges.


For further assistance please contact the eResearch Support via