Adegbemiluyi Adekanye

Adegbemiluyi Adekanye smiling

After completing his Information Technology (IT) in E-Commerce degree at the University of East London, Adegbemiluyi returned to his home country, Nigeria, where he joined an IT company as a database administrator. After two years gaining industry experience, Adegbemiluyi decided to move to Australia to complete a postgraduate qualification.

Adegbemiluyi graduated with a Master of Information Technology in 2017 and obtained an online administrative assistant role at Australia the Gift. His duties include handling customer queries, managing the productivity of the company’s website and providing IT support to online customers. Adegbemiluyi is also responsible for implementing the distribution of the company’s products in and outside of Australia.

Adegbemiluyi’s degree assisted him to pursue a rewarding career journey so far. He says he enjoyed his time as a student in the heart of Brisbane and hopes to continue using the knowledge acquired to achieve his future career ambitions.