Doctor of Philosophy (Sciences, Engineering and Health)
On campus
Research Higher Degree

Gabrielle enjoyed discussing her research ideas with her supervisors face-to-face and "being able to throw ideas in the air, juggling them until a concrete plan of action became apparent, and separating the outlandish from the practical." She learned to approach problems in more than one way and look at the broader picture. What initially seemed like a complex approach would often result in a more elegant solution.

Gabrielle believes that students should publish their work as they progress through their research degrees rather than wait until they are finished. This allows them to gain feedback from peers to improve the quality of their work and ensure that any published work is current.

Gabrielle encourages the next generation of graduates to network with different researchers and academics for potential career options. She is currently a member of the Experimental Gambling Research Laboratory, led by one of her PhD supervisors.

Thesis title: An Exploration of Unorthodox Worldviews that Predict Vaccine Scepticism and Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine