Master of Business Administration
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Jade Collins smiling wearing white dress in front of green foliage

Jade Collins is the co-creator of "Femeconomy", a business that advances gender diversity and encourages equality in leadership.

Femeconomy tackles the gender parity issue through recognising organisations with significant female leadership, as this helps influence and close wage and superannuation gender-based pay gaps, create more opportunities for women in the workplace, and remove stigma and barriers associated with flexible working conditions.

As women are responsible for 85% of purchasing decisions, Femeconomy also enables female consumers to leverage this significant procurement power to support female-led businesses.

Jade's Femeconomy enterprise is an innovative approach to the problem of gender equality, and the significant growth the organisation has experienced since inception demonstrates the appetite that exists in our communities for options that help address this persistent social issue.

CQUniversity is proud to recognise Jade as the recipient of the 2019 Alumnus of the Year - Social Innovation Award.