Gerald Meyer-Waeterling

Master of Business Administration
Online Study

Gerald chose CQUni because he worked for a company with a plant in Rockhampton (Queensland Magnesia - QMAG) who encouraged him to engage in tertiary education. The company downsized in 2015/2016 but his degree contributed to a promotion and secure employment. He then became the "Strategic Business Line Manager Metallurgy". This role involved leading a team of 24 sales and technical managers across Europe and being responsible for a budget of 120 Million Euros. After this period, the company underwent several restructures, and he now holds the position of Commercial Leader.

Gerald is proud of obtaining his degree under the difficult conditions of a demanding full-time job (working up to 60 hours per week and a lot of international travel) and looking after two teenagers at the same time. Graduating with distinction under such conditions made him realise that he can take on almost any challenge presented to him.

Gerald's best advice for those juggling study and work is that if you are studying after hours, then let all your stakeholders know what you are doing. This helps you stay motivated and not to give up mid-way.