Bachelor of Science (Biology)
On campus

Russell was a cattle station contractor before studying with CQUniversity. Since graduation, he has been able to quadruple his salary, expand professional horizons and responsibilities, and work with some of the best rangelands scientists in Australia.

Over the years, Russell has been working on native grass research in Northern Territory and contributing to the Western Australia (WA) State Government's development of 26 Indigenous pastoral businesses, land administration legislation changes, and land policy development. He has received a State Research Award, two Premier Awards and a Prime Minister Award for regional development.

Russell currently works as the manager for WA Rangelands Natural Resource Management. He is responsible for land management satellite imagery analysis consisting of vegetation & soil monitoring development of Northern Australia, two-tier monitoring ground sites, satellite, and initial drone. He also works on establishing native grass commercial seed banks under WA mine sites' irrigation, utilising wastewater from the mine pits.