Bachelor of Psychological Science
Online Study

Shaun decided to study because he wanted to do something with his life and got bored working in retail jobs. Encouraged by a friend who said he has a knack for helping people, Shaun decided to give Psychology a try.

Whilst studying, Shaun was also working full-time in community services. He now works for Integrated Support Solutions Western Australia as a team leader/specialist support coordinator/positive behaviour support practitioner.

Shaun's clients include people who have complicated mental health needs, neurodegenerative conditions, or complex behaviours of concern. Shaun's studies taught him about human structure, function, and behaviour. He assesses people's behaviour and works to understand the function of that behaviour. He then puts strategies in place to reduce the risks to the client and the people supporting the client. To help his clients live fulfilling lives, Shaun also works with multiple stakeholders, including the government, allied health professionals and the clients' families.