Master of Letters in Cultural Studies
Online Study

In 2022, at the age of 74, Kenneth completed his Doctor of Education with the Asia Graduate School of Theology Alliance. He said his degree from CQUniversity provided a great foundation for his research studies.

Kenn shared an impromptu graduation tradition he created after his CQU graduation in 1998: "I was the last person to walk, and the live brass band launched into one of my favourite pieces: Elgar's "Nimrod" from his variations. I was delighted. So, I had the same piece played for the recessional at my doctoral grad."

In 2005, Kenneth founded the LIFE Bible College, where he teaches an online course for pastoral students in Papua New Guinea. Additionally, Kenn is an adjunct faculty member at the Australian College of Christian Studies in Sydney and serves as dean of the Master of Leadership Practice program. He is also a part-time chaplain at a financial services company.