Bachelor of Business
On campus

Anlee is currently employed as the Country Manager for Lufthansa Group in Vietnam. After graduating from university in 2008, Do Van Anh Thu (Anlee) joined Lufthansa Group's two-year management program, International Airline Professional (IAP) in Frankfurt, Germany. She was the youngest employee that Lufthansa has ever hired for the International Airline Professional (IAP) program.

After the IAP program, Anlee started her journey with Lufthansa to other countries outside of Germany. This included Bangkok, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and the Mekong region. Singapore was the next destination, where Anlee was appointed as the E-commerce Sales Manager for Asia Pacific. 13 years later, Anlee returned home to Vietnam as the Country Manager of Lufthansa Group and the Vice Chairwoman of the German Business Association.

During her last year of study, Anlee had a 2-month internship placement at a Vietnamese family-run hotel. She credits this internship with allowing her to turn her marketing study into real-life application.

A working day for Anlee is focused on communicating with people. It is about connecting with her colleagues to get things done, talking to new potential business partners and existing clients, or even giving talks and public appearances at events and receptions to push the public awareness of the Lufthansa Group brands.

Anlee is passionate about sustainability and spends her free time organising workshops and classes for young adults to develop new knowledge and understandings of different industries and career choices.