Theresa Grinstead

Graduate Certificate in Maintenance Management
Online Study

Theresa is currently employed at Wilmar Sugar Australia as a Master Data Specialist - SAP Plant Maintenance. She was working as an SAP Plant Maintenance Planner but with no recognised qualifications she decided to complete a course in Maintenance Management. Since then, she has moved through several different roles in SAP Plant Maintenance which eventually led her to her current position.

In her current role, Theresa manages and maintains the SAP database for 12 individual sites, as well as helping to test and process enhancements to the current SAP Program. She works with a team of about 15 people who manage the systems requirements for the organisation.

As Theresa is working in a male-dominated industry, she felt she needed to do something to gain further credibility, and CQUni offered the exact course she needed to help with this. It also allowed her to study part-time and externally as she was a full-time mother and worked full time during her studies. She feels her course has helped her initially to understand exactly what Plant Maintenance and Asset Management involved and still refers to her course notes to this day.