Bachelor of Information Technology
On campus

Munish is currently employed as Information Technology Support at Network Overdrive. Previously, he undertook a professional year program that included a three-month internship. The internship program gave him the essential real-world experience he desired.

Munish's responsibilities in his current role include monitoring his company's network for security issues, solving user problems, and providing on-site and on-call support to clients. He is working towards building networks and servers for businesses to ensure a more secure work environment.

Munish decided to study a Bachelor of Information Technology while working as a contractor and IT technician, as he enjoyed solving random issues in this role. His degree has provided a baseline of knowledge and experience to step foot in the IT world. The support facilities for international students made his choice to study at CQUniversity easy. Munish's previous academic successes secured him a Vice Chancellor's Scholarship to study with CQUni.