Bachelor of Nursing
Online Study

Elaine is a Registered Nurse with New South Wales Health. She secured a graduate position with NSW Health in their first-round of offers in November 2020. She opted for the 2021 mid-year start to allow herself time to disengage from her old career and ease into her new one.

For 25 years, Elaine was the photo editor for a national weekly magazine, and while she thoroughly enjoyed the role, she felt she had reached the peak of her profession, with no more room to learn and develop. She wanted her working life to be more than operating on autopilot, so she decided to become a nurse.

As a new graduate, Elaine is focused on learning. She keeps her ears, eyes, and mind open all the time, as it can be a challenging environment.

Elaine feels that the last module of study in her third year was particularly helpful in the transition from nursing student to graduate. It was in this module that she learned about culture shock and imposter syndrome, which she has faced in her new career. Elaine keeps the words of her lectures at the front and centre of her mind while working, to help combat these.