Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), Master of Professional Psychology
CC43, CL68
Online Study

Gabrielle Bond is a Clinic Manager at LOC Caboolture Pty Ltd. After completing her Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), she secured a role as a mental health support worker at a private practice. Gabrielle has remained at that private practice, progressing to a role as a provisional psychologist, then onto her current role.

Her role as a Clinic Manager involves two parts: an internship, which she is currently completing, and managing the clinic and supporting staff. This includes ensuring staff have adequate support so they don't see too many clients and don't suffer burnout.

Gabrielle started her career as an accountant. After becoming a mother of six, she wanted to find a more family-friendly role. It was after her children were diagnosed as autistic and ADHD, that Gabrielle decided she wanted to become a psychologist to help families like hers.