CQUni automotive teacher Devin ready for WorldSkills International Competition in Russia

Published:15 August 2019

CQUni Automotive Teacher Devin Flor (far left) is part of the WorldSkills Experts Faculty team that will be operating at the upcoming International WorldSkills Competition in Kazan, Russia, from 22-27 August.

Devin Flor knows vocational training like the back of his hand and this week he will take his expertise all the way to Russia for the 2019 WorldSkills International Competition.

As a professional tradesman with decades of experience as an Automotive Mechanical Teacher at CQUniversity since 2012, Devin is proud to be representing his trade and vocational education and training on the world stage.

Devin has been involved in WorldSkills for the past 33 years, but this will be the first time he has attended the international competition since 2001.

He will play a major role in the event as a representative of the WorldSkills Experts Faculty (WSEF), a group of past international experts that was established last year.

“I am looking to forward to going to Kazan and attending an WorldSkills International Competition again,” Devin said.

“The WSEF will be involved in attending meetings with WorldSkills Global Partners including arms of the United Nations, conducting presentations to various WorldSkills groups, including Skill Manager Teams, Strategic Development Meeting, the General Assembly, leading groups of VIP’s on tours of the competition.

“Primarily we will be promoting the WSEF to current Experts and Global Organisations that could utilise the expertise of the past experts who are members of the WSEF.”

During his time with Worldskills, Devin has been a competitor, winning gold medals in regional, national and international Worldskills competitions in automotive mechanics. He has also been a national and international judge, mentor and convenor.

As well as being an official observer at every national competition since 2002, Devin has also compiled presentations for automotive mechanical competitors at the nationals.

At the 2016 Nationals Championships Closing Ceremony, WorldSkills Australia introduced the Life Member Pin which recognises the outstanding contribution to WorldSkills Australia of an individual, both in terms of continuous service and importantly, the positive and sustainable impact a person has had on the entire WorldSkills Australia community.

The inaugural 20 recipients of the Life Member Pin demonstrated a commitment to WorldSkills Australia that ensures that the future of WorldSkills Australia is bright and prosperous.

Devin was one of the 20 recipients to receive this Pin and the only former competitor in this initial group.

A significant achievement for a tradesman who started his apprenticeship at the then Mackay TAFE back in 1982.

“For me, the majority of my WorldSkills career has run in parallel to my working career and I would like to thank CQUni for supporting me and allowing me to continue my passion with WorldSkills,” he said

Devin won’t be the only CQUniversity representative at the internationals, with CQUni-trained apprentice electrician Anthony Cobb of Gladstone, who will be competing against the world’s best.

“Anthony has the same chance as every other competitor. It will come down to how he has prepared himself to handle the pressure that goes with competing and the commitment he has made to his training,” he said.

“Unlike the Regionals and the Nationals, you are in a foreign country, the food is different, a quarter of the judges won’t speak English, other competitors have a lot more to gain than winning a medal, the venue is much larger, the crowds are larger and there is more noise - it can be quite overwhelming.

“Anthony does however have a great support team behind him. He has been given every opportunity to be ranked highly in Kazan.

“Central Queensland trained electrical competitors from Gladstone have always fared very well at WorldSkills Competitions which has previously seen them win Gold Medals at International Competitions.”

The WorldSkills International Competition will be held in Kazan, Russia from 22-27 August.

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