Cross Institutional

We are now accepting applications for cross-institutional study in units offered by our School of Business and Law, from domestic students for Term 3, 2021. View our Summer Units page to explore the list of units available for you to study in Term 3 and get ahead this summer.

We will update this page to provide more details on cross-institutional study options in 2022, including studying units offered by all Schools, so check back soon.

International students enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate coursework at another institution may still apply for cross-institutional study. Find out more about how to apply for cross-institutional study at CQUniversity.


If you are a domestic student currently studying at another Australian university, you will need to obtain a letter of authority from your current university to submit with your application. The process for this differs between universities, so speak to the relevant course or program advisor at your current uni to find out the process you need to follow.

You will require approval from your home institution, and this must be submitted as part of your application for cross-institutional study.

View our How to Apply page for more information and to download the cross-institutional study application form.

As a cross-institutional student, you will be eligible to access the same fee systems that you are receiving at your home university such as HECS or FEE-HELP, unless you choose to enrol in a course that has a different fee structure. For example, a Commonwealth supported undergraduate student currently receiving HECS-HELP may need to pay full tuition fees for a postgraduate CQUniversity unit or apply for FEE-HELP.