Tertiary Entry Program (TEP)

The Tertiary Entry Program (TEP) is an enabling program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to undertake university study. The TEP course involves studying units that embrace an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander focus to prepare you for successful participation in university study.

At CQUniversity, your TEP learning experience is designed to be personally and culturally affirming. We value the diverse skills and experiences of our students, and we have made them central to your study. Our TEP students learn the skills to transition into University life with the benefit of studying alongside others who share their experiences — creating a sense of community. Our students motivate and inspire each other to be what they want to be.

Teachings focus on developing student's skills in problem-solving, task evaluation, and information technology, giving TEP graduates the edge when commencing undergraduate and postgraduate study.

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TEP Intakes

Term 1 – March
Term 2 – July
Term 3 – November

TEP Application Closing Dates

Term 2 2020 - COB 24 June 2020
Term 3 2020 - COB 28 October 2020
Term 1 2021 - COB 24 February 2021

Residential School

Residential school attendance is a compulsory requirement for TEP. Residential schools require you to attend a designated campus for up to five days to undertake group work, lecturers, tutorials, presentations and individual tuition.
For more information regarding residential school attendance, please email or phone 1800 651 891.

Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS)

The Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) provides funding to engage Learning Advisors to tutor Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in many approved units throughout the course of their study. Depending on the units you choose to study within TEP, you may be eligible to receive tutoring as part of the IAS.
If you would like to request tutoring, or for further information, please contact CQUniversity on (07) 4930 9250 or email


The TEP course involves studying units that embrace an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander focus to prepare you for successful participation in university study.

In TEP, we tailor your learning to suit your career aspirations in undergraduate study and there are a wide range of study areas to choose from. Plus, you may have the option to study some units from within our Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies (STEPS) course via cross enrolment. There are introductory units, more advanced units, Indigenous-specific units, and specialised units in mathematics, the sciences, computing and academic writing. The units available are listed below.
You will complete two core units:

  • Culture and Learning
  • Independent Learning.

In addition, you will complete electives from the following list. The electives you complete will depend on the course you intend to study after completing TEP:

  • Indigenous Australians and Education
  • Indigenous Australians and Health
  • Indigenous Australians: Business and Economy
  • Indigenous Australians: The Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Introduction to Law in Australia
  • Preparation Skills for University
  • Introductory Biology
  • Introductory Chemistry
  • Computing Skills for University
  • Essay Writing for University
  • Technical Writing for University
  • Fundamental Mathematics for University
  • Intermediate Mathematics for University
  • Technical Mathematics for University
  • Introductory Physics
  • Foundation Science
  • Positive Learning for University.

TEP is delivered by online (online education), so you can study from anywhere in Australia. All that is required is access to a computer and the Internet.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion for the TEP course, which will allow you to apply for entry to a CQUniversity diploma or degree through the CQUniversity direct entry process (for those courses where direct entry is available).
In addition, you will be given a Tertiary Entry Rank (TER). This will allow you to apply through the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) or relevant tertiary admissions centres for courses at institutions where direct entry is not available.

TEP is free of tuition fees; however, there are associated costs with stationery, photocopying and printing.

The TEP course is a Centrelink approved course. You may be eligible for various forms of financial support while undertaking the course. For more information, call Centrelink on 1800 132 317 or visit

As a TEP student, you can apply for scholarships to assist with the financial cost of study.

  1. To enrol in TEP please apply online. Once you have submitted your application we will then send you information about the TEP diagnostic entrance assessment.
  2. Complete the diagnostic entrance assessment for literacy, numeracy and computing competence.
  3. Once we receive your online assessment, we will contact you to arrange a one-on-one interview to finalise your application.

As a TEP student, you’ll participate in learning experiences that are culturally and personally affirming. TEP offers you the flexibility to study by online either part time or full time. Plus, you’ll have access to friendly and helpful support that will assist you in successfully completing your studies.

For more information on our TEP course please contact CQUniversity on 1800 651 891 or email