Study After SUN

As a SUN student you may be eligible to apply for direct entry into a number of CQUniversity Undergraduate courses at the end of your high school studies.

Direct entry means that you can apply directly to CQUniversity via an online application system, rather than through a Tertiary Admissions Centre (e.g. QTAC).

You can still apply through the relevant Tertiary Admissions Centre to keep your options open, particularly if you are not 100% sure on the path you want to follow after graduating high school (this is a completely normal feeling by the way!).

You will be prompted to apply for direct entry from mid-year 12. Although your State Certificate of Education (e.g. QCE) and Senior Statement is required for an offer to be made, you can still receive a conditional offer from our Admissions team subject to final requirements being met.

Direct entry applications are received directly by our CQUni Admissions Team and are assessed against the eligibility criteria listed below.

Note: For the majority of courses, your ATAR is not taken into account as part of the direct entry process. See the ‘What courses are not eligible for direct entry’ section for more information.

To be eligible for direct entry into your chosen CQUniversity Bachelor course, you must:

  • Have received a minimum pass grade in your SUN unit/s to date (units completed must form part of the course structure for your desired course in the academic year you are applying for);
  • Successfully complete all required pre-requisites for your chosen course (you can view these pre-requisites on the CQUni Handbook); and
  • Receive your State Certificate of Education (e.g. QCE or CQUni approved equivalent qualifications for non-QCE or intrastate students) and Senior Statement at the end of your Year 12 studies.

Students who are ineligible for their State’s Approved Certificate of Education (including but not limited to students who undertake home schooling, IB, ACE or other non-standard curriculum programs) are encouraged to apply for entry into their chosen course via their state’s Tertiary Admissions Centre.

Students will not be eligible for direct entry without meeting the above requirements.

Direct entry is not available for admission into dual degrees (e.g. Bachelor of Accounting/Bachelor of Laws) or the Bachelor courses which are quota managed. Quota managed courses have competitive entry due to enrolment number restrictions. The current quota managed units (as at January 2019) are as follows:

  • Bachelor of Medical Sonography
  • Bachelor of Medical Imaging
  • Bachelor of Oral Health
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Echocardiography

If you are interested in applying for entry into any of these degrees, you will be required to do so via your Tertiary Admissions Centre (e.g. QTAC) and your rank will be essential.

If you are studying, or have studied with CQUni via SUN, you will already know about our community, support services and resources available for students. Our support services and resources remain available to you throughout your studies and are designed to assist you to achieve your academic and personal goals.

At CQUni, you have the choice to study what, where, when and how you like. We have campuses and study locations across the nation, and an extensive range of courses, many of which are available online, you have the flexibility to tailor your studies to your lifestyle and commitments.

And by studying via SUN, you have the opportunity to apply to gain credit for any units you have completed through SUN, towards your CQUni degree. This means that you can reduce the number of units you need to study post high school.

Visit our Why Choose CQUni page to read more about some of the amazing feats we have achieved.

  1. Visit our Student Handbook;
  2. Type in the name of the course you are applying for into the search bar (i.e. Bachelor of Nursing);
  3. The course will appear in the search results;
  4. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button next to the relevant result;
  5. Follow the prompts throughout the online application process;
  6. When you get to the 'Choose your term and location' section, click on the arrow under the relevant campus/term/year of entry; and
  7. Complete the application process as prompted and supply supporting documentation as requested.

If you have any questions regarding the direct entry process, please contact the SUN Team via or 13 27 86.

Note: The direct entry process is governed by the Admission to CQUniversity Coursework Courses Policy and Procedure. Entry requirements into individual degree courses apply, including specific course application cut off dates. Minimum age requirements may also apply as per CQUniversity undergraduate admissions processes.