SUN Frequently Asked Questions


Visit the "How do I apply for SUN" section of this website for details regarding the application process. If you have any queries, please contact the SUN team on 13CQUni (13 27 86) or email

You may be able to study either internally or by online study, subject to unit availability. There may be some units which are only available via online study, which means that you will not be required to attend a campus for classes and will view all unit materials via online resources. Some online study units may have a residential school component.  A residential school is where you are required to attend a CQUniversity campus for a short period of time to undertake practical based tasks related to your course of study.

To see the availability of units (that is, what term they are offered, where they are offered and whether they are offered internally or via online study) click on the name of the unit under "What can I study?" section of the SUN website.

As per the SUN guidelines, we recommend you study no more than one SUN unit per term.

Yes. Students are strongly encouraged to remain ATAR-eligible (please discuss with your school nominee in regards to your ATAR eligibility). This is particularly important as it will provide you with more opportunities should you change your mind about your career choice in the future.

While you are still in high school, you are welcome to study in any term, subject to unit availability. Visit the "When Can I study SUN?" section of this website. Please note, you need to pass one unit to be eligible to enrol in another.

Students can access an academic transcript from CQUniversity as proof of their enrolment, specifying results achieved.

Yes. SUN units are university units and as such they demand a lot of time. You need to have excellent time management skills in order to keep a balance between your school studies, SUN unit, part-time job and other commitments. SUN students are expected to continue doing well with school studies.

Regardless of whether you are studying internally or externally, SUN students (like all university students) must have access to computer and internet. It is strongly recommended that all students have access to a computer and internet at home. All unit resources and materials will be online and studying can be extremely challenging if you do not have immediate access to internet.

This is a matter that deserves careful consideration. You will be expected to catch up with any work you have missed (for both school and university) and you will have to remain extremely organised throughout the term in order to do this successfully.

Yes! A SUN student is a CQUniversity student. SUN students are 'non-award' students. You will be enrolled in a unit from a degree, but not the degree itself. As a student you have access to student facilities such as the CQUniversity library and computer labs. You will be provided with a CQUniversity student ID card for university purposes.

Yes. However, please be advised that students are required to withdraw before CENSUS Date to avoid a financial penalty. Usually, students who withdraw after CENSUS Date will receive both an academic and a financial penalty. SUN students, however, do not receive an academic penalty, so it is the financial penalty about which you need to be concerned. If you are experiencing an extenuating and unexpected circumstance such as illness you may be eligible for withdrawal without financial penalty.

A university student should devote approximately 10 to 12 hours of study per week, per unit.