Vocational Education and Training Study

A TAFE certificate or diploma is a great option on its own to help you get a job or improve your skills. It can also provide you with a pathway to further tertiary study, especially if you have completed:

  • a competency-based and graded AQF Certificate III or Certificate IV; or
  • at least one semester of a Diploma or Advanced Diploma from an Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) provider.


As an applicant with VET study, the way you apply to study at CQUniversity will depend on the VET study you have completed and the course you are interested in studying.

If you are a current or prior CQUniversity VET student, for most of our courses you will be able to apply directly to CQUniversity via our direct application portal.

If you have completed your VET studies with another provider, in most situations you will need to apply via a Tertiary Admission Centre, such as QTAC, UAC, VTAC, or SATAC, or via our ApplyCQUni portal.

The TAC you apply via is dependent on the course that you would like to study and usually where you live (if applying to study online) or where you intend to study (if applying to study on campus).

You can view the application options available for each course on our course pages under the How to Apply section or contact us to find out the best way to apply for your course of interest.


If you have completed an accepted VET qualification, you will be allocated a selection rank that can be used to help you gain entry to a CQUniversity degree. View the selection ranks for completed VET qualifications on our ATAR page, in the VET Qualifications section of information.

You are required to meet relevant subject pre-requisites for the course you are applying for. Subject pre-requisites can be satisfied by successful completion of Senior secondary subjects or equivalent.

Subject prerequisites are not generally able to be met through Certificate level study.

If your course of interest has additional entry requirements these must also be satisfied.

You can be assigned more than one selection rank, for study and experience you hold such as your Year 12 results, vocational education and training, higher education study and even your employment history. If you have been assigned more than one selection rank, you will generally be considered for admission based on the highest rank. Exceptions may apply to some courses and courses with additional entry requirements.