Cross-institutional Study

If you are enrolled in an undergraduate or coursework postgraduate course at another institution and wish to undertake CQUniversity units, submit a cross-institutional application form.

You will be required to submit approval from your home institution as part of your application. Please note that your application will only apply to one academic year. If you wish to continue your enrolment into subsequent academic years you must apply again.
For more information, contact our Frontline Student Support Team on 13 27 86.

Regional Universities Network (RUN) Cross-Institutional Study Opportunities

The RUN group provides students from CQUniversity, Charles Sturt University, Federation University, Southern Cross University, The University of Southern Queensland, University of New England and the University of the Sunshine Coast with the opportunity to study courses or units from any university from within the network and have the results contribute towards their GPA (normally Cross-Institutional Study doesn't appear on your 'Statement of Results' and also doesn't contribute towards your GPA).

You will also need to complete a cross-institutional application form to have your RUN cross-institutional application form to have your RUN cross-institutional study approved.


The Regional Universities Network (RUN) is a network of six universities with headquarters in regional Australia and a shared commitment to playing a transformative role in their regions.
Through their educational and research contributions to regional economics, social, cultural and environmental development, the RUN member universities play an important and distinctive role in advancing Australia's national prosperity, productivity and identity.
For further information please visit the RUN website.

Absolutely, but check with your home institution as only the units listed are pre-approved for recognition by universities in the RUN network. You'll need to check that the units you are interested in are approved by your institution.