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Is SUN right for you?

Enrolling in university units while still in high school is both demanding and challenging. As a SUN student you are treated the same as a regular university student. You are an ideal candidate for SUN if you have:

  • Excellent time management skills
  • High levels of self-discipline and self motivation
  • Access to and confidence using a computer and the internet
  • Highly developed communication skills (written and spoken)
  • Time to devote to a university unit

The SUN Readiness Profile

This SUN Readiness Profile, while only a guide, acts as a self-assessment tool to help you make a decision as to whether or not SUN will be suitable for you.  Answer the questions honestly, add up the number of 'yes' responses and read the comment below that relates to your score.

  1. Do you enjoy embracing new challenges? (Enrolling in university units while still in high school can be very challenging)
  2. Have you demonstrated that you are a proactive and independent learner? (SUN students need to be extremely proactive and independent, as there will be no-one to chase them up.)
  3. Do you have the confidence to approach a unit co-ordinator or lecturer (via phone call, e-mail or in person) if you require more information or further clarification of a task?
  4. Do you have access to a computer and internet at home and are you competent and confident when it comes to using computers? (SUN students will need to access the internet daily so they can log onto their unit site and e-mail)
  5. Generally speaking, students are required to devote ten to sixteen hours a week toward studying for their unit. Do you realistically have this much time to devote to university study? (Consider how much time you already devote to your school study, part-time work, sport, hobbies, family and friends)
  6. Are you confident about the career path you wish to take when you have completed high school? (SUN students need to be reasonably certain about this)
  7. Have you looked carefully through the CQUniversity Handbook at the undergraduate course/s you are interested in and ensured you will meet the entry requirements and prerequisites that are stipulated? (for more information click here)
  8. Have you read the SUN Guidelines? (These can be located under the SUN Guidelines section on this site)
  9. Think back to your most recent academic report card. Did you pass all your subjects and receive at least a B/HA or equivalent for OP English and Maths? (Unless you have a Year 10 report card where OP subjects are not studied)
  10. Are you confident that you will still be able to perform well at school while completing your SUN course?

How did I do?

9 - 10 Yes Answers

If you are keen, SUN could be a good opportunity for you. Before making a commitment to SUN, look closely at the SUN units that you are interested in. These can be viewed on this website under What Can I Study. Think carefully about your other commitments and how a SUN unit will fit in with those commitments. Look also at the undergraduate unit in which you are interested in the CQUniversity Handbook. Discuss your interest in SUN with your parents/guardians and a representative from your school. You can also call 13 CQUni (13 2786) and request to speak with the SUN Project Officer.

7 - 8 Yes Answers

SUN may not be suitable for you just now. Look closely at the questions where you have answered 'no' and consider what you can do to change the situation. Perhaps you could work toward obtaining more 'yes' responses. Examine the areas that require attention and answer these questions again in six to twelve months time.

0 - 6 Yes Answers

It may be in your best interest to prioritise and concentrate on your school studies at this time. Enrolling in university units while still in high school is academically challenging and demanding. Remember, university can always wait until you have finished high school.