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Information for schools

This information is designed to assist school staff with queries they might have about SUN.

The SUN brochure also provides comprehensive information about this initiative and we encourage schools to have copies available for interested students.

If you would like multiple copies of the SUN brochure for your students please email

I have a student interested in applying for SUN. Where do I go from here?

Step One: Gathering information

Direct the student and their parent/guardian to visit this website and SUN Guidelines. The SUN Website also has a 'SUN Readiness Profile' under 'Is SUN right for you' which acts as a self-assessment tool. Students can use this tool to assist them, their parent/guardian and school to make a decision as to whether or not SUN is right for them.

The student, their parent/guardian and the school are welcome and encouraged to contact the university on CQUni (13 27 86). Further information about their unit of interest can be sent to the student if requested. Students can also be guided through the CQUniversity Handbook to see where their unit fits in with other units.

Step Two: Appointment

Ask the student to make an appointment for a short meeting with the school principal and the SUN contact at the school, as well as anyone else who may be involved. The student needs to arrange for their parent/guardian to attend this meeting as well. This is an opportunity for the student, their parent/guardian and school to consider the factors as to whether SUN will be in the best interests of the student.

Students will also be aware, from visiting the SUN Website and Guidelines, that there are entry requirements for students applying for SUN. Students who are not meeting the entry requirements can submit an application, however, they will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and may not be accepted.

At this point, the student's personal circumstances – e.g. part-time work, interests, family commitments, access to resources (e.g. computer and internet) transportation to campus (if considering studying internally), time management skills and other factors should be considered.

If the school does not feel as though SUN will be in the best interest of the student, they are not obliged to sign the application.

Step Three: Submitting an Application

If the student, their parent/guardian and the school support the student in applying for SUN, students can download an application form from the SUN Website. Students are required to submit their LUI (Learning Unique Identifier) number and a copy of their most recent report card. This needs to be either JP-certified or faxed/emailed directly from the school.

What happens then?

Once received by the university, applications can take up to four weeks to process. Students who are not meeting the entry requirements may be contacted by the university and schools may also be contacted for further information.

Students will receive notice as to whether or not the student has been successful with their application. If the student is accepted into SUN, they will receive an enrolment package in the mail. This package will advise them of the unit they are enrolled in, their student number and direct  them to information regarding Orientation and other important information. If it is necessary for any timetabling changes to be made, the student will then need to contact the appropriate person within the school to arrange this in a timely manner.

Who is the 'SUN contact' at the school and what does this role entail?

This role varies from school to school. Ideally, the SUN contact at the school would be involved in the above processes and play a role in ensuring students are travelling well with their units, and directing them to contact the university as needed.

The SUN contact does not need to have a particular role – they could be the principal, deputy principal, guidance officer, careers counsellor, gifted and talented co-ordinator or other.

Schools have found short meetings with the SUN students once a week (and perhaps only fortnightly later in the term) useful. These meetings do not require any preparation, but become an opportunity for students to raise concerns and the SUN contact and/or student can contact the university as necessary.

The 'SUN contact' may be involved in assisting with any practical aspects that are controlled by the school (booking a computer room so students have an opportunity to study in spare lessons or lunchtime etc).

What impact might enrolling in a SUN unit have on the student?

Students may need to take leave from school to attend classes, a compulsory residential school or exam. In each instance students will know these dates in advance. Students are instructed to notify their school of the times they expect to be absent from school and prepare to catch up with the work they will miss.

It is important for the school to outline to the student when they apply, that while the school is there to assist, it is ultimately the student's responsibility to ensure they are aware of their expectations and submit all assessments on time.

If students have queries, they need to contact the appropriate person at the university to find out the necessary information, this is not the school's responsibility.

A SUN student is experiencing difficulties with their SUN unit. What do I do?

Students will be instructed to contact the university for assistance and directed to the areas that will assist them most effectively, depending on the question/concern.

Academic questions can be directed to their unit co-ordinator or lecturer (their contact details will be provided in their unit profile).

Any SUN-related questions can be directed to the SUN Project Officer. If in doubt, students or schools can contact the SUN Project Officer.

Students will also be given contact details for the library and other academic assistance, as well as technological assistance.

In the instance that students fall ill or experience another extenuating circumstance, students may be eligible for a withdrawal without financial penalty. They will be required to provide independent supporting documentation. Students/schools can contact the university in order to be directed to the necessary forms and guidelines.

What communication will SUN students receive from the university?

  • Newsletters: Being a SUN student, students will receive three SUN Newsletters each term. SUN Newsletters will be sent via post, the Newsletters will also be stored on the SUN Moodle site.
  • Unit: In terms of the particular unit they are enrolled in, students will receive the same information as all other students enrolled in that unit (e.g. study guides). Keep in mind, however, that the majority of unit resources and materials are now accessed on the Moodle site for that unit and the majority of communication will be sent to them via email, not post. Moodle is our online learning management system. All CQUniversity units are delivered through Moodle.
  • SUN Moodle site: Moodle is our online learning management system. All CQUniversity units are delivered through Moodle. SUN students will also be able to access the SUN Moodle site, which is designed especially for SUN students and can only be accessed by SUN students. The SUN Moodle site gives opportunities for SUN students to talk to one another via SUN discussion boards. While the other students will be SUN students, students will not all be studying the same unit.