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Information for parents

Before signing off on your child's application, there are a few things you may wish to consider.

Computer and internet access

Regardless of whether students are studying on-campus or via distance education, they will need access to a computer and internet frequently. We strongly recommend that students be able to access a computer and internet at home. Students may need to download more data than usual which could have implications on download restrictions on the family computer/s.


For each unit a student is studying, the university advises students to allow 10 – 12 hours to devote to their unit each week.


  • On-campus students: Students studying on-campus will need to attend classes at their local CQUniversity campus, usually once a week. These classes may fall during school time. They may also need to makes additional visits to the campus to access resources, chat with their lecturer or complete an assessment (e.g. an exam).
  • Distance education students: Students studying via distance education will be able to complete the majority of their work online. However, students may need to visit their local campus to attend a compulsory residential school, exam or other assessment.  It may not be necessary to visit a CQUniversity campus to attend an exam. Students can select the exam centre closest to them when they fill out their SUN application.


Please read the "How much does it cost?" section. Note that in addition to the tuition fees, students are expected to purchase their own text books, study materials and cover any expenses related to attendance at compulsory residential schools such as travel and accommodation.


Once students are enrolled as university students their academic experience will be managed in line with that of other students. All communication will be directed to the student and all questions/requests must come from the student.

What communication will SUN students receive from the university?

  • Newsletters: Being a SUN student, students will receive three SUN Newsletters each term. SUN Newsletters will be sent via post, and the Newsletters will also be stored on the SUN Moodle site. 
  • Unit: In terms of the particular unit they are enrolled in, students will receive the same information as all other students enrolled in that unit (e.g. study guides). Keep in mind, however, that the majority of unit resources and materials are now accessed on the Moodle site for that unit and the majority of communication will be sent to them via email, not post. Moodle is our online learning management system. All CQUniversity units are delivered through Moodle.
  • SUN Moodle site: Moodle is our online learning management system. All CQUniversity units are delivered through Moodle. SUN students will also be able to access the SUN Moodle site, which is designed especially for SUN students and can only be accessed by SUN students.
    The SUN Moodle site gives opportunities for SUN students to talk to one another via SUN discussion boards and chats. While the other students will be SUN students, students will not all be studying the same unit.

Illness during the term

In the instance that students fall ill or experience another extenuating circumstance, students may be eligible for a withdrawal without financial penalty. They will be required to provide independent supporting documentation. Students/parents can contact the SUN Project Officer in order to be directed to the necessary forms and guidelines.