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"One of the subjects I did was fatigue management, which I’ve been able to implement into my current work. The skills and the learnings are second to none and it enabled me to be able to improve my current workplace."

Bec Part

Graduate Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety

"The field is very broad – you need to find the particular strand you want to follow as a career. I’m interested in the ergonomics and safety side of OHS, and how memory impacts on how people work at work."

Ben Anderson

Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety

"Master of Asset Maintenance Management was extremely well-developed, subject-wise, and we had an extremely good lecturer and subject matter expert in that field. The actual practical, industry experience that they brought was very helpful."

Bradley Crisp

Master of Asset and Maintenance Management

"It is amazing the way you can see through the body using sound, it’s really interesting. In my first term we were doing five days a week of scanning – that really built up my confidence. And the teachers are so supportive."

Brooke Storer

Bachelor of Medical Sonography and Graduate Diploma of Medical Sonography

"Applying for the scholarships is really easy and straightforward. I would definitely encourage students to look into it and see what’s out there for them, because there is quite a bit on offer."

Cait Darmody

Bachelor of Social Work (Honours), Equity Scholarship recipient

"When I graduated I was as prepared as I could be for a career in technology. I think a big part of the course was learning how to find evolving information yourself. It taught you that you always have to be willing to learn."

Caleb Smith

Bachelor of Information Technology, Equity Scholarship Recipient