CQUni knows Yue Pheng

Get to know Yue Pheng Her

Hi, I’m Yue Pheng Her. I’m a student in the Bachelor of Music (Jazz and Popular) course at CQUniversity’s Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music (CQCM) in Mackay. I started my studies in 2015 and, all going to plan, I should graduate in 2018.

Before moving to Mackay, I completed high school at Bentley Park College in Cairns. I had already heard about the CQCM in Mackay through friends who had studied there and through my music teacher. My school had a lot of involvement with the lecturers at the CQCM, and the opportunity to meet them and participate in some workshops is what cemented my decision to audition and move to Mackay.

I auditioned with the CQCM lecturers in Cairns on one of their visits to my school. My audition seems like ages ago. What I do remember, though, was how relaxed it was overall. It wasn’t stressful and the lecturers did their best to make it comfortable. I think they understand that anyone auditioning would be nervous.

From experience, my best advice would be that if you’re planning to audition, make sure you have a few contrasting pieces prepared to show what you can do. But mostly, just have the confidence to give it a go.

I’ve always enjoyed performing, but I realised that I needed to work on my technique and build more confidence in my playing. Before starting in the jazz and pop course, most of my musical experience involved playing at school and in church. My teachers and the CQCM lecturers were really encouraging and supported my interest in study. I just wanted to improve my technique and performance level on guitar and to gain more confidence in my playing. But by studying at CQUni, I have gained so much more.

The jazz and pop course at the CQCM has been really great. I’ve had so many opportunities to perform and learn from amazing guest artists and our lecturers. The most important thing for me, though, has been my one-on-one lessons with my guitar lecturer. We’re exceptionally lucky to have individual lessons like that.

My course is all about being among a group of people who have the same motivation and interests as I do. I’ve met heaps of great people who inspire me, amazing visiting artists and have made contacts I wouldn’t have met without CQUni. The best part about the course is the individual treatment and support we get during our studies. My playing wouldn’t have improved so much without the lessons and all the opportunities to perform with our ensembles.

One thing that stood out for me was the opportunity to perform at the Yabun Festival in Sydney this year with Rochelle Pitt. This came about through my contacts with another student from the CQCM who was already playing with Rochelle. And our last concert for 2017, where we got to spend a week working with Wilbur Wilde and then play two sold-out concerts at the CQCM with him, was also heaps of fun.

Apart from my own motivation, the quality of the teaching staff on the course is an important aspect for me. All of our lecturers are experienced performers and teachers who lead by example.

My own guitar lecturer really understands what areas I need to work on most. He also has incredible knowledge and his playing is amazing. So he can draw on everything he knows to explain and demonstrate for me, and to help me improve my playing. The one-on-one lessons in this course have made the most difference to my playing.